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Hello, I'm Jeremy Walter. Thank you for visiting my work.

Most of these images are from my hometown of Kansas City, MO, but I’ve also been fortunate to visit Las Vegas, Milwaukee, and Chicago while armed with my trustee Canon. Speaking of which, I’ve used a Canon Powershot SX 10 IS from 2009 to 2012, a Canon 60D from 2012 to 2015, and have recently bought a Canon 6D.

Style-wise, I’m insatiably attracted to architecture, particularly the geometry of patterns and forms inherent in that field. Simple lines and curves offer worlds of wonders to me. I love discovering things that already exist: hidden symphonies of shapes that mute the world around me.

My work here is arranged in five different galleries:

Buildingables (Yay, architecture!)

Shadowables (The ghosts of subjects.)

Reflectables (The twisted souls of subjects.)

Stairables (I love stairs so much it’s almost indecent.)

Ineffables (A repository of miscellany.)

The photos in these galleries are arranged by color. Also included are portfolios of People and Weddings I've been hired to shoot.


Products are available to ship to US and Canada only, but please contact me to arrange international orders.

Exhibited photographs include: Dreampoem (2014), Crayon Dungeon (2014), and Alien Communication (2015) at the North Valley Art League Carter House Gallery in Redding, California; Guilt (2014) and Stephen Fry (2015) at the Darkroom Gallery in Essex Junction, Vermont; Prison Stripes (2014), Wavescape (2015), and Tree Line (2015) at the Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon; Unhand Him and They Do were #71 and #187 respectively in DotArt's Urban Street Photography Exhibition; Light Beer (2015) and GOAL (2016) at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas; and Alien Communication and Go at the 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles

Published photographs include: Another Night Watching Cable appeared on the cover of The Kansas City Star, White Wings and Skyway appeared in "Focus: Reflections" by Lark Books, and Sunlight Saber was featured in a contest at Liberty Memorial.


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